Your First Year of Marriage

Newly engaged or just married? No longer "wed" to the past? If you are wondering what surprises await you over the coming months, Your First Year of Marriage will prepare you for all of your awesome (and surprising) discoveries.

Based on interviews with dozens of recently married couples and numerous experts, Your First Year of Marriage will soothe your jitters with the inside scoop on issues ranging from the most life-shattering to the most mundane, including: 

  • How much sex you should expect on the honeymoon 
  • Learning your spouse's cleverly hidden secrets 
  • Negotiating the bumpy terrain of family planning 
  • Keeping and losing old friends 
  • Dealing with newlywed finances

With useful sidebars, charts, and anecdotes, Your First Year of Marriage will enlighten even the most savvy bride or groom about the lessons and joys of marriage.


What She Wants


This groundbreaking guy/gal relationship book reveals not only what women want--but what they want you to know--including their true feelings about love and intimacy, great sex, and good relationships. Discover what she is looking at when she looks at you; what does she find seductive... exciting... satisfying; what you should know about a woman's body; what her concerns are regarding sexual health and safety. Insightful and straightforward, WHAT SHE WANTS is what every man needs.