Your Prostate Cancer Survivors' Guide: Living Stronger, Longer

Written to help men manage the challenges of survivorship of this devastating but beatable disease. With a chorus of survivors' voices -- and the insights of their doctors, nurses and others on their support team - veteran authors and health journalists Bob Condor (nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes in health journalism) and Curtis Pesmen (Esquire writer and Money magazine health columnist) pinpoint exactly what it means to be a prostate cancer survivor today - and for decades to come. Ultimately, this book will help patients PUT PROSTATE CANCER IN ITS PLACE while moving forward with the power of new knowledge.

The Colon Cancer Survivors' Guide: Living Stronger, Longer

Inspired by an award-winning series of Esquire articles on the author's own survival of colon cancer, The Colon Cancer Survivors' Guide shows how a person diagnosed with cancer stops becoming a patient and starts becoming a survivor. The book draws on medical research - Pesmen's and other survivors' personal experiences - plus insights from renown health care professionals on how to simplify and enrich life after cancer. Tips flow from the first CT follow-up scan to the targeted five-year-cure finish line. Above all, it offers advice on the healing of scars, both physical and emotional, how to leave cancer behind, and how to move confidently forward. It's a new type of cancer book focusing on the survivors, not the patient, as a target market. While it contains the grit, the personal, and the shock surrounding of the battling cancer, it also stresses the new (diet, treatment and other self-care) options of a modern colon cancer case. Written not only for survivors, but also for their family, friends, oncologists and other healthcare professionals.

How a Man Ages

Looking Better, Staying Healthy, and Keeping Fit

As the years march on, what changes lie ahead for you? What will happen to your body? What will you experience mentally, emotionally, sexually?

As a member of the first generation to make exercise, nutrition, and fitness real priorities, how can you ensure your health through your thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond?

How A Man Ages is an upbeat, informative, and thoroughly helpful book from Curtis Pesmen + the editors of Esquire, one of the nation's leading men's magazines. It combines the most up-to-date medical findings with advice from leading experts. It provides practical advice on everything from your skin and hair to your heart, lungs, and muscles. It is a guide you will use for the rest of your long and productive life.

From insider strategies to delaying reading glasses and prescribed Rx's, to alternatives to artificial hearts, this book travels the physiological and chronological distance every many travels - and beyond!